Parent/Family Services



At weekly parent support groups, the facilitator will encourage parents to lead discussions about their concerns and challenges. Allowing parents to express themselves in a safe environment will build the positive rapport needed to discuss a broad range of new parenting strategies. Parents will also learn from each other by sharing approaches they have used in the past. Parents will be encouraged to take as much ownership as possible in improving their family relationships and home environment. Parenting topics covered in this group include:

* Active Listening

* Supervision

* Contracting

* Assertive Discipline

* Problem Solving

* Drug Awareness


* Role Modeling Behavior

* Managing Conflict

* Gang Awareness

* Homework Compliance

* Promoting Family Unity

* Praising Children

* Building Positive Self-Esteem

* Finding Resources

* Navigating School System

* Effective Communication



In order to understand the root causes of juvenile delinquency and gang involvement, family dynamics must be considered. Motivational Interviewing is a cognitive-behavior technique that DMTL Family Service Workers (FSWs) will use during family sessions. FSWs will conduct sessions with families on a regular basis; forming a collaborative working relationship with youth, their parents or guardians and, in some cases, other family members. Since each family is considered unique, the beliefs they hold regarding their ability to make positive changes will vary. Therefore, FSWs will work with each family based on their level of readiness and trust. FSWs will help families build self-efficacy, define their challenges, and identify specific goals that are relevant, achievable and measurable. Family sessions will be a non-judgmental and confidential place where families can comfortably talk about problems, solutions, and visions for their lives.



It can be challenging for parents to be consistent participants in programs like DMTL, due to a myriad of stressors in their lives.  One of the main barriers to parent engagement is related to financial problems.  Therefore, a specific amount of funds will be allocated for emergency and crisis situations such as:

* Transportation (i.e. bus tokens)

* School Supplies and Uniforms

* Utility Bills

* Potential Eviction and Homelessness

* Hunger (Food Insecurity)

* Medical Attention (Healthcare)

* Victims of Violence


DMTL Founders are presently raising money in order to provide direct services to youth and families. The purpose of this website is to raise the necessary funding to open our program. Thank you for visiting our website.

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