Richard Massengale
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I love you, Ms. Ali! Thank you for diggin’ the ghetto and nurturing us lil’ beautiful flowers! Your smile and energy matched that of the sun! Your words of wisdom and sense of humor gave us something to look forward to! You are 1 of the reason’s why we are still alive and not in jail! On behalf of all Bret Harte Middle School (Saints) and Community Build, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! (Maryum’s client at Community Build, Inc.)



Dion Wyse
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Real talk. I can honestly say Maryum Ali could break through kids like no one else. Prime example, when I was going to the LA Bridges Program, at times I would hate it because it was boring. Then came Ms. Ali. My first thought to my self was, “Is this float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?” Then, I asked her and she replied, “Yes.” From that day, I new I met a real afterschool mentor. She would bag with us, play ball with us, or more. Heck, we had a boat trip and she even wrestled with us. Lol. I mean she was an all around human being. Even when she would tell me about myself, I probably had this weird loom on my face, but she was always real and honest with me no matter what. She would never put us down, but put up with our attitudes. She was always a strength builder, and a storyteller and that’s what we needed. I just want to say thanks again for you, Community Build, and the LA Bridges Program. You have a nice and blessed day, Ms. Ali. (Maryum’s client at Community Build, Inc.)



Christian Lopez

Hey, Mr. Nason. I wanted you to know that you have affected my life in so many ways. Knowing that I grew up without a father, you played a big role of teaching me manhood, brotherhood and the ability to reach achievement. I learned the value of loving and appreciating family.  Youth programs in are community are beneficial, for the simple fact that it gives kids a voice to be heard and a bond to uphold with others. It give kids the chance to learn stability and being versatile. These programs give kids an outlet to improve there lives and become successful.



Yati Yati Weeks
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Thank you, Ms. Ali for everything. There is so much that you said while I was growing up that I should have taken heed to, but I really want to say I love you, and if you need anything I will not think twice to do it for you. Thank you for caring, and may the most high bless you abundantly! (Maryum’s client at Community Build, Inc.)



Yohance Salmon
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WOW. I am a product of those youth programs that Ms. Ali ran! She definitely played a major role in keeping me on the right track! I LOVE YOU TOO, MS. ALI!!! (Maryum’s client at Community Build, Inc.)