DMTL Founders


Tyrie Nason Buchanan, President

Born on the Southside of Chicago and raised in Gary, Indiana, Nason Buchanan received his business degree at Kentucky State University where he earned an athletic scholarship and thrived in community service and mentorship programs. As a former recipient of outreach programs for youth, Nason is no stranger to growing up in a neighborhood rampant with violence, gangs, and drugs. He has firsthand experience of effective youth outreach programs and has since devoted his life to making these programs available for families in need becoming a dedicated and influential man of service in Los Angeles.

Becoming an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. while in college ignited a passion for social justice and serving families and communities. Nason also became involved with many other organizations on campus, which allowed him to exercise his leadership capabilities and develop into a strong mentor and leader in the community. Shortly thereafter, however, his mother and two brothers were victims of a violent crime. Their tragic deaths lead to the birthing of his nonprofit organization, DMTL, which bears the initials of his beloved mother, Delores, his older brother Marcel, his name Tyrie, and his younger brother Larry.

Nason moved to Los Angeles where, under DMTL, he collaborated with other organizations to facilitate events from 2004 to 2011 such as Christmas Toy Drives for South LA families, Motivational Seminars at Arlington Elementary School, Teen Discussion Panels at Dorsey High School, Lunch & Learn Self Defense Class & Fundraiser, and A Day of Mentoring. In addition to his charitable work, Nason has worked as a Child and Family Specialist at Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services and as a Regional Manager at the Department of Gang Reduction & Youth Development (GRYD) under the Offices of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles, California.

Due to his expertise in the GRYD Office and influence in the community, Nason has been invited to a variety of speaking engagements, community forums, and conferences—locally, nationally, and internationally. He has had the honor of providing his knowledge and support alongside individuals from the City Attorney’s office, LAPD, California Assembly and State Senate, U.S. Representatives, and other Federal entities to engage and empower communities to stay active in areas such as gun violence, boys and men of color, reducing recidivism, and gang prevention and intervention. Outside of Los Angeles, Nason spoke at the Community Safety Symposium in Chicago, IL where he offered his insight and expertise about implementing a successful gang intervention program in notorious South Los Angeles. He presented and contributed to the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative’s Work Group on Preventing Crime in Kingston, Jamaica where he not only shared his insight into successful prevention programming for at-risk youth, but also began to forge international partnerships to expand his reach. Because of his success and expertise in Jamaica, Nason was invited to participate in the Fight for Peace/UNESCO International Conference in Rio De Janeiro—here he continued to share successes from GRYD intervention programming, and also provided additional expertise on the effectiveness of sports and youth focused violence prevention programs in urban communities affected by high levels of crime and violence. He continues to build partnerships in Brazil and looks forward to sharing his expertise and successes with other communities and countries in order to enrich and improve lives worldwide.

Maryum “May May” Ali, Executive Director

While earning her B.A. Degree in Social Work, Maryum’s 18-year-old first cousin, Otto Ali, was a homicide victim of gang violence in her hometown, Chicago.  After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Maryum made a commitment to help at-risk youth, and she has been fulfilling this pledge for the past fourteen years in the gang prevention field.  As a Case Manager and Program Director at Community Build, Inc., Maryum has provided direct services to approximately 300 youth in South Los Angles.  From 2009 to 2013, she served as Regional Manager for the GRYD department under Mayor’s Office in Los Angeles.

Maryum and Nason became business partners while they were both working at the Mayor’s Office, where some of their responsibilities included training and monitoring the City’s gang prevention and intervention programs; responding to gang-related shootings; and working with LAPD and Gang Intervention Workers in an effort to prevent gang retaliation.  With 20 years of experience between them, Nason and Maryum understand the best practices that have been used within previous and current gang prevention programs as well as effective interventions and strategies that are not included in some of these program models.  Maryum and Nason have been diligently aligning their knowledge and resources with the shared goal of transitioning DMTL into a premier organization that will proudly serve youth and their families.