Due to the COVID-19 crisis, DMTL is currently seeking donors to assist with the Urban Tech Connect – Dismantling the Digital Divide Initiative. Our original DMTL Program Model can only be implemented once the pandemic is over. Please see the Urban Tech Connect tab. Thank you and stay safe.

DMTL is a 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Organization. (EIN# 43-2065140)

Families at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder are in crisis, and their needs must be addressed with urgency. Institutional barriers in our society have prevented many families from receiving equal access to critical resources. At-risk youth are disadvantaged by poverty, inequality in education, exposure to various forms of violence, lack of positive parental supervision, and a host of other factors. Families are in need of support systems that can help them identify their strengths. DMTL is committed to providing culturally relevant, emotional, social, and behavioral support for youth and their families to help them transform their hardships into seeds of resilience that can grow into dynamic empowerment and self-sufficiency. We hope you can support this effort, as we strongly believe our program model can be shared with other youth programs across the country.

DMTL will provide gang prevention, juvenile delinquency prevention, and youth & family development services to the South Los Angeles community.  We will foster resiliency and pro-social behaviors, enhance academic performance, and strengthen family functioning so that youth and their families will become more empowered to make progressive life choices.

DMTL will become the best gang/delinquency prevention and youth development program in America.


DMTL Founders, Nason Buchanan and Maryum Ali, have a combined 20 years of experience working with inner city youth. Five of the six young adults featured in this video were Maryum’s clients when she was employed at Community Build, Inc. from 1999-2006.