Peer Group Curriculum

Youth will receive a comprehensive peer group curriculum once a week throughout the duration of the program. This curriculum will be relevant to today’s youth, and it is designed to teach them a myriad of transferable skills that will improve their attitude and behavior, enhance emotional and social functioning, and produce protective factors. The curriculum includes the following topics:


The Peer Group Curriculum will be achieved by using the following 3-year schedule. September will be reserved for program orientation for youth and families, rapport building, and program planning. Curriculum topics that are not on the schedule will be covered at evening and weekend workshops.


* W-1 = Week One
* Anger M = Anger Management
* Careers / Careers D = Career Development
* CBT = Cognitive Behavior Training
* College P = College Preparation and High School Preparation
* Culture = African American and Latino History
* Drug A = Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
* Gang A = Gang Awareness
* Leader = Leadership Skills
* Pro SS = Pro-Social Skills and Life Skills


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