• Youth and/or their families will receive one laptop per household
  • Each household will receive paid, reliable internet services for a year
  • Each recipient will be provided with computer instructional course
  • Free biweekly trainings


Every other week Urban Tech Connect recipients will receive trainings to increase technology understanding and mastery, enhance ability to apply for and retain jobs, expand STEM curiosity and knowledge, and prepare for life after high school. Trainings will include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Programs 101 (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • Career Development (resume building, interview skills, etc.)
  • STEM Exploration (introduction to mechanical engineering, statistics, etc.)
  • College Opportunities (SAT/ACT Prep, applications)
  • Financial Literacy


  • While school districts are loaning laptops and providing internet hotspots for students during the pandemic, once it is safe to be back in the classrooms fulltime, the technology will have to be returned
  • After the pandemic, we will go back to the low numbers of access to technology among lower income and minority groups which will continue to increase the digital divide and homework gap
  • Foster Care Youth will be prioritized to be recipients through Urban Tech Connect
  • Districts that are loaning technology are also lacking the training component that Urban Tech Connect will provide
  • Transitional Age Youth (TAY), while typically not included in homework gap and digital divide stats, need access to technology and training in order to succeed