Incentives/Video Project



One way to teach youth the relationship between their behaviors and consequences is by using incentives as positive reinforcement, demonstrating that good behavior + hard work = achievement and rewards.  When clients participate in the program and are observed using pro-social behaviors such as following rules and instructions, helping others, and behaving respectfully, they will earn a certain amount of D-Dollars.  This fake money is used to purchase real items in the DMTL Store.  The DMTL Store will open at least 4 times a year, and most of the items in the store are things that youth have identified on their wish lists.  All clients will have their own checking and savings accounts to make D-Dollar deposits, and they will also participate in financial literacy workshops.


video_clipartVIDEO PROJECT

Towards the end of the first program year, DMTL will begin production on a series of instructional videos that will demonstrate how to use some of the pro-social skills taught in peer group sessions.  Topics such as conflict resolution, controlling anger, avoiding negative peer influence, and teamwork will be covered.  Youth and their parents will have the opportunity to perform in rehearsal scenes and in the final versions of the video series.  Youth will also learn about acting and video production during this project.  The sales of the completed video series will be a funding source for the DMTL organization.


DMTL Founders are presently raising money in order to provide direct services to youth and families. The purpose of this website is to raise the necessary funding to open our program. Thank you for visiting our website.

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